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If your purchase was less than 1 year from today or if you have a current
voice service plan this upgrade and new activation key is FREE of charge.

This upgrade may include unspecified enhancements, features and bug fixes.
It is always advisable to keep your important business software up to date
at all times by downloading and updating each time there is a new release.

If you are unsure of your upgrade or account status
contact us first before you attempt an upgrade.

General Maintenance Release
PNG Image Support Added
PAX SP30 Terminal Driver Added
Adds SKU Duplicate Checking when Adding or Editing Inventory Items
Adds SKU Field to the Inventory Item Record
Serial Number Tracking Improved
New Inventory Serial Number Status Reports Added
Managers Can Change Inventory Prices on Customer Price Checker Kiosk
Inventory Import and PDT Routines Updated
Allow Zero Price Items to be Added from the Sales Screen
Disable Type 2 Price Embedded Barcode Option Setting
New for 2023 Release
Many New Features Added
All Prior Service Packs Rollup
* New Activation Key Required
* Free Upgrade for Service Plan Customers

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Upgrade policy and information:
1. Service Plan customers receive unlimited Free Upgrades.
2. If your existing version is more than 1 year old you will need to purchase a new software license or Help Desk Voice Service Plan.
3. Contact us by Email to verify your license status prior to installing an upgrade.
4. Customers installing and using upgrades do so at thier own risk as upgrades are provided as a courtesy service only.
5. Updating or Upgrading does not include any free Help Desk Voice Service unless you have a current support plan.
6. Backup your system prior to upgrading during our normal business hours in case you need to contact us.

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Plexis Point of Sale Software

Sales and Support call 1-302-727-0333
12:00pm to 8:00pm Weekdays Eastern Time

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