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Keep Your Credit Card Company


April 2021 US Zipcode Database Update
Remove Non-EBT Items Post EBT Authorization to Reduce Order Total
Time and Date Delayed Kitchen and Receipt Printing for Hold Orders
Time and Date Delayed Kitchen and Receipt Printing for Deliveries
Automatic Post Tax Rebate for Specific Items Functionality
Time Stamp Added to View Invoices
Increased Performance Between Scans
PAX S300 v1.53 Firmware Driver Update
v3.6 Released on 01-01-2021
Automatic Discounting for All Cash Payment Option
Automatic Sales Tax Removal for All Cash Payment Option
Operator Controlled Discount for all Cash Payment
Operator Controlled Sales Tax Removal for all Cash Payment
Set Minimum Sales Amount on Credit / Debit Card Payments
Tip Amounts Can be Entered by the Customer on Credit / Debit Payments
Tips Show on Customer Video Display
Inventory Item Pictures are Displayed on Customer Video Display
Item Returns Process Streamlined and Enhanced
Remote and Kitchen Printers Show Quanities below 1.00
Enhanced Thermal Receipt Printing Formats

Depreciated Functionality: Updated on 03-19-2021
Coin Shortage / Next Low Tender
WIC Benefit Payments and All Associated Data
Plexis POS License Server Application

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