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Advantages for using a non-web based Point of Sale solution :

1. Plexis POS does not use the Internet to operate. All information is stored locally on your own computer systems.

2. Plexis POS is a high uptime, reliable, self-maintaining, configurable and powerful software that you control.

3. Plexis POS is not located or stored on someone else’s server, in some unknown building, in a foreign state or country that is out of your reach and control.

4. If the internet goes down at your business location Plexis POS will still operate seamlessly and without interruption.

5. Data Backups can be stored on digital media such as USB Memory devices, CD / DVD ROM or an External Hard Drive of your choice.

6. No data or information is shared or transferred to the Internet, other servers or any third party or company.

7. Plexis POS uses On-Premises storage so your Data and Information is kept private at all times and always within your control. Your business information, customer database and transaction history is not kept on any remote computer, server or hard drive.

Exceptions that require the Internet:
Help Desk Voice Service Remote Login.
Credit Card Terminals that rely on the internet and do not have revertive Land-Line dial up capacity.
Occasionally the Internet is used to momentarily check for security,  software licensing and optional application updates.

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Sales and Support call 1-302-727-0333
12:00 Noon to 8:00 PM Weekdays Eastern Time

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