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Can I run other Windows programs while Plexis POS is operating?
Use Alt+Tab as with any Windows program to switch between tasks. By default Plexis POS turns the task bar off when accessing some Sales Screens as a security measure.

Do I need Server Software to run Plexis POS on a network?
Plexis POS Multi-Station runs fine with most Windows machines. You do not need expensive and complicated Windows Server software. Simply create a peer-to-peer network on any Windows based machine and share the drive.

I cannot open the POS Manuals in the Documentation Folder.
You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to open or print any Plexis POS documentation.

The POS Screens do not fit properly, do not center or scrolls off the page.
Plexis POS was designed to be in a 1024x768px at 96dpi display mode. To change this go to the Windows Control Panel, select Display then set the display resolution to 1024x768px at 96dpi.

How do I get my existing inventory into Plexis POS?
We have provided instructions and sample files for your review at: Importing Your Existing Inventory

There are some custom reports I need, how do I accomplish this?
Plexis POS uses industry standard Data Tables. You can buy off the shelf reporting tools such as Crystal Reports, Excel or Access that will allow you to build custom reports.

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Sales and Support call 1-302-727-0333
12:00 Noon to 8:00 PM Weekdays Eastern Time

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