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Inventory Transfers using a PDT Device

The built in Import Routines allows for Adding, Updating, Deleting and Compare functionality. Plexis POS provides reports that will show you the Old Qty, New Qty, Deviation and upload status.

Typically low cost devices transmit two fields, ITEM NUMBER (UPC) and QUANTITY. If other fields such as Selling Price, Cost Price, Description and Department are needed then you will need to get a programmable PDT and its programming software to accomplish this.
Inventory Control with a Portable Data Terminal (PDT / PDA) Plexis POS PDT Import Screeen
Portable Data Terminal PDT Inventory Update with Plexis POS
Plexis POS will accept any properly formatted data sent to the Windows Keyboard Wedge from the device and transfer that information directly into the Plexis POS databases.
Sample PDT Data from a programmable device  

000,WINDOW ARCHED,LG,32.99,18.49,2.00,D21,True,False
001,WINDOW RECTANGLE,LG,47.99,29.49,6.00,D21,True,False
002,BREAD WHEAT,SLICED,2.95,1.12,12.00,B14,False,False
003,BREAD WHITE,SLICED,3.25,2.25,14.00,B14,False,False
Inventory Transfers using CSV Text Files
There are multiple choices available in Plexis POS that allows for the importing of your existing inventory. The easiest method is to have your inventory in an Excel spreadsheet prior to sending the information to the Plexis POS inventory database. All fields must be properly formatted in Excel as Generic Text.

Item Number: 1-20 Characters cell formatted as Generic Text
Description: 1-40 Characters cell formatted as Generic Text
List: Currency, 2 Decimals cell formatted as Generic Text
Cost: Currency, 2 Decimals cell formatted as Generic Text
Quantity: Up to 4 Decimals cell formatted as Generic Text
Dept: 1-4 Characters cell formatted as Generic Text
Taxable: 4 Characters, True or False
EBT: 4 Characters, True or False

Arrange your Excel or Text file cells to match the order and position of the following import specification:

Item Number, Description, List Price, Cost Price, Quantity, Department, Tax, EBT
Import text Examples:
01234567890,WINDOW ARCHED LG,32.00,18.00,2.00,D21,True,False

If you have special characters such as commas within descriptions then enclose them in quotes.
"01234567890","WINDOW, ARCHED, LG",32.00,18.00,2.00,D21,True

As a general rule and to make importing seamless surround all field data with Double Quotes.
"01234567890","WINDOW, ARCHED, LG","32.00","18.00","2.00","D21","True"

The Excel file must now be saved as MS-DOS CSV. Example: "Items.csv"

* Do NOT use Numeric Formatting in Excel, it will truncate
   and remove leading and trailing zeros.

Download this sample CSV text file with 4 items: ITEMS.CSV
Sample Data from a CSV file  

"000","WINDOW, ARCHED, LG","32.99","18.49","2.00","D21","True","False"
"001","WINDOW, RECTANGLE, LG","47.99","29.49","6.00","D21","True","False"
"002","BREAD, WHEAT, SLICED","2.95","1.12","12.00","B14","False","False"
"003","BREAD, WHITE, SLICED","3.25","2.25","14.00","B14","False","False"

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