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Plexis POS fully integrates Credit Card, Debit Card, EBT / SNAP Food Stamps and EBT Cash Benefits.
Obtain a PAX S300 from any vendor of your choice. You may contract with a Supported
Payment Processor or a Merchant Account Services provider of your choice.

v1.44 Protocol Settings for the PAX S300 Terminal   Customer Requirements (as of 07-01-2021)
Main Communication LAN
Backup Communication Dial
Maximum Tries 1
Connect Timeout 300
Lan Type Static
IP Address ex:
Subnet Mask ex:
Gateway IP ex:
DNS IP ex:
ECR CommType Ethernet
Communications Port 10009
Communication Protocol HTTP GET
Duplicate Checking ON (enable)

Enter the setup mode by holding the FUNC key down and press the "1" key.
Enter the password which is todays date (MMDDYYYY) and press the Green Arrow Key.
You may be prompted to re-enter the password multiple times throughout the setup process.

  All customer supplied PAX S300 Terminals must install base software protocol v1.44. This may require that all internal PAX Applications and OS be updated in the terminal. A factory reset of the terminal may also be required. All customer Plexis POS versions must be upgraded to the latest Plexis POS release. The terminals and Plexis POS must be upgraded at the same time otherwise the terminal will not operate properly in the customer environment. Attempting to use a different PAX S300 protocol version will result in a notification message in Plexis POS rejecting that incompatible protocol and the PAX S300 payment functions could be disabled until a supported protocol version is installed.

Diagnostic Example in Plexis POS:
Verify Protocol in the Plexis POS PAX S-300 Diagnostic: Perform an Initialize Terminal command and under the Full Response window you should see 2::1.44 If you do not see 1.44 as the protocol then load the supported firmware and apps into the terminal.

Pax S300 Pin Pad Terminal Supported Protocol
PAX S300 COMM ERROR 100010
If you get this error when processing a card and you are certain all other settings are correct there is a good chance your router is blocking the Terminal IP address and port. Configure your router to allow access to the terminal as described below.

Router / Firewall Settings:
If you are connecting your PAX S300 terminal through a router you will need to set Port Forwarding up for EACH terminal IP and Port connected to the router.

Port Forwarding Example:
Port forwarding example for a router
Click image for details

Pin Pad Terminal Integration with Plexis POS Software
Print outs are sent to your standard receipt printer and there is no need to purchase separate Credit Card Terminal printer paper.

The S300 supports Contactless Capture, e-Signature, Magnetic Stripe, Chip & PIN. PAX S300 Terminals are EMV and PCI Compliant.

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