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The Plexis POS system is designed to do payouts separately. You cannot mix lottery payouts and sales within the same order by using our built in Lottery functions. Many of our customers want to tightly control payouts which is the reason for our built in functionality and control.

If you are less concerned and would like to get around our standard functionality follow these instructions:

Method #1:
1. Create an inventory item, call it lottery $x.xx payout.
2. Under Product Type Choose LOTTO.
3. Assign to dept PDL then add a button if desired.
4. Set the Selling price to a Negative Amount (for example: -2.00).
5. Create as many buttons as you like with negative payout amounts.

During a sale requiring a payout simply choose the button with the desired payout amount.

Method #2:
If you wish to enter a free hand payout set the Selling price to 0.00 when creating an inventory lottery payout item.
Now, when paying out you will be prompted to enter a price, enter -2.00, then continue adding items.
You must use the (-) key prior to entering an amount in this case.
There are NO restrictions on the amount that can be entered here, so be careful of mistakes in this case.

Sales of any item can now be mixed with Lottery Payouts.

Leaving the description blank when creating an inventory item will prompt you to enter a description at the Sales Screen when choosing this button.

Limitations and Warnings:
Use of these techniques are to be considered as un-supported by Plexis Software.
Use of these techniques is your choice and is at your own risk.

These techniques may work for you but be aware that:
There may be no security, validation or restrictions on this functionality.
You may loose some functionality and reporting that we have specifically designed to prevent mistakes, fraud and theft.
Other limitations and security issues may be compromised both known and unknown.

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