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Internet is Not Required for Operation



1. An Internet Connection on the Main Computer or Server.

2. Install an SMTP Client Application the Main Computer or Server.

3. Create a Working Email address to use as the Sender for Plexis POS.

4. Test your email client to make sure you can send Emails.

Supported Email Clients:

A. Microsoft Office Outlook 2010
B. Microsoft Office Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007

* It is possible that newer verions of MS Outlook might work but we have not yet tested versions newer than Outlook 2010 and therefor are unsupported.

Plexis POS Setups:

1. Configure the Email parameters in Plexis POS Terminal Setups. (see image on right)
Plexis POS Terminal Setups
Plexis POS Automatic Email Settings
Microsoft Outlook Installation and Configuration:
Please be aware Outlook.com is not supported, you must use the MS Office Outlook Client application.
There is no need to install the entire Microsoft Office suite on the Main Computer or Server.
All you need is MS Office Outlook to be installed on the Main Computer or Server that will be accessing the Email features in Plexis POS. MS Office Outlook can also be purchased as a stand alone product.
Configure and test MS Office Outlook to make sure it is installed and configured properly.

* How to Automatically Bypass Outlook Security Messages (click here)

Get an Email address from your ISP:
All Internet Service Providers like COX, Time Warner, Verizon, etc offer Email accounts.
All you need is a dummy Email account from your ISP to send Invoices, Receipts, Statements and Reports
directly from Plexis POS using their SMTP settings.

Free Email services:
If you are using a free Email service such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc you may run into problems with SMTP protocols.
We do not recommend that you attempt to use these services when sending Email from Plexis POS.

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