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Plexis POS Supports external check cashing applications by calculating
the check fees and amount due a customer after all fees are applied.
You will still need to authorize the preseted check with your service provider.

Select The Check Cashing Amount
Plexis POS Check Cashing Screen, click for larger image.
Process Check Fees automatically.
    EZ Check Cashing
Plexis POS Check Cashing Only, click for larger image.
Check Cashing on Order Screen

Check Cashing with Included Sales Items
Include Sales Items on Same Order with Check Cashing, click for larger image.
Mix Cashed Checks with Items Ordered.
    Check Cashing Setup
Plexis POS Check Cashing Setup, click for larger image.
Configure the Check Cashing Settings

Plexis POS supports Check Cashing Payment Tenders within any order.

Mix Check Cashing along with any other items all on the same order.

The credit for the cashed check will be reduced by adding items to the order.

If there is any amount due for the customer the operator will be prompted.

If there was not enough credit remaining from the cashed check the customer pays the difference.

You can set the Fee Percentage or Impose a Minimum Fee, the result will be the greater fee amount.

Cashed check amounts and fee will be reported on the customer receipt.

Reporting in the Sales Register, X & XX Register will reflect the cashed check amounts and fees.

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Sales and Support call 1-302-727-0333
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