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Plexis POS supports Tax by Volume functionality. Places of business that are required to collect a Sugary Drink Tax or Soda Tax can immediately use this feature. Plexis POS produces reports that will show the amount of Soda Tax that is collected. Receipt printing will include a Sugary Drink Tax line showing the customer the amount of Soda Tax they were charged.

EBT / WIC / Food Stamp compliance :
EBT / WIC and Food Stamp compliance is achieved by removing the Soda Tax from the current sale once an EBT or Food Stamp payment is selected. If the EBT or WIC payment is abandoned for any reason the Soda Tax will be added back into the order so that an alternate payment method can be selected.
Soda Tax Order Example
Plexis Point Of Sale - Touch Screen QSR POS Software with Soda Tax
Non-EBT Sale
EBT / Food Stamp Soda Tax Example
Plexis Point Of Sale - Touch Screen QSR POS Software with EBT Compliant Soda Tax
EBT / WIC and Food Stamp Payments Remove Sales Taxes

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