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This Version was Updated on 12/12/2018
Weight Tare Out Print on Receipt Option
Weight Tare Out Preserved on Hold and Recall Order
Item Count Total on Order Action Button Added
Rotating Order Number Maximum Number Setting Added
Partial EBT / WIC Payment Option with Split Tender Added
Plexis Pay® Processor Independent Credit Card Terminal Integration Option
Prepared Food Item Flag Added to the Inventory Item Record
Print Item Department List on Receipt or Report Printer
Quick Comp Item Button and Macro Added
Recall and Edit Pending Delivery Orders
Large Screen Delivery Status Board to Monitor Incoming and Outgoing Deliveries
Credit Card Service Fee Automatic Insert with Cash Discount Option
WIC and eWIC, Women, Infants and Children Benefits Payments Integration
Inventory Items Shelf Tag and Price Label Printing with Barcode Enhancements
Timed Automatic Menus by Range of Hours and Day of Week for Happy Hour, Specials, etc
Timed Automated Discounts by Range of Hours and Day of Week for Happy Hour, Specials, etc
Workstation Specific Touch Screen Menus for Bar, Grill, Happy Hour, Etc.
Auto-Settle Credit Card Batch on Posting Orders
Coupons and Rebates may be assigned to Multiple Departments
Wireless Batch Mode Portable Data Terminal (PDT) Inventory Support
Embedded Price Barcode support for UPC-A and EAN-13
Lotto Payouts Can Now be Mixed with Other Items on the Order
Claim Tag with Barcode Printing on Hold Orders
Batch Inquiry and Print for Front and Rear Integrated Credit Card Terminals
Dual Integrated Front and Rear Integrated Credit Card Terminal Support
Batch Settle One or All Credit Card Terminals Function
Export Data to a CSV File Routines Enhanced
Import / Update Inventory from a CSV File Routines Enhanced
Cash Drawer Start Up Change Prompt Option Switch
EMV Compliant Terminal Integration for Credit, Debit and EBT
Soda Tax, Sugary Drink Tax / Fee Functionality
Plastic Bag Tax / Fee Functionality
Tax by Volume Functionality
Access any Web Site from the Sales Screen
Double Click to Modify Item at Sales Screen
Dual Monitor Customer Display with Slide Show Advertising
Street Directions Integration for Deliveries
Produce a Mini-Customer Statement from the Sales Screen
Snap Report View on Sales Screen Macro
Table Service Charge for Number of Guests Auto Insert
Pizza Topping H/H and Xtra Prices Centralized
Half Pizza Sides now support Extra Pricing
Barcode / Shelf Tag Label Printing Enhancements
Cash Drawer Hold, Recall and Transfer Functionality
EBT / WIC Qualified Items Total Price Display for Sales Screen
Inventory Reset Utilities has Added Functionality
Reprint any Hold Order from Hold Order View Screen
Bottle / Can & Other Deposits Report Added
Print Top Sellers List for any Date Range on Receipt Printer
Automatically Add Items Not Found to the Inventory from the Sales Screen
Tip Percentages are now Calculated on Pre-Tax Totals
Data Dictionary Added to the Utilities Section
Print the Total Number of Items Purchased on Receipt Option Setting
Enable / Disable Cash Drawer Open on Delivery Sales Setting
Enable / Disable Cash Drawer Open on Credit Card Sales Setting
Enable / Disable Cash Drawer Open on Apply On Account Sales Setting
Multi-Media Operator Alert Sound Option Added
Void Any Hold Order / Tab without Leaving the Sales Screen
New Customers Auto-Populate Last 4 Digits of Phone Number as Club Card ID
Automatic Case to Single Inventory Transfer During a Sale
Daily Sales Batch CSV / Excel Text File Export Added
Caller ID Functionality Enhancements
Item Images and Enhancements Added to Customer Price Checker
Vendor Requisition List on Receipt Printer
Vendor Requisition List on Report Printer
Re-Order Reports Now Grouped by Vendor
Epson Pole Display Support Added
Discount Keys added for Order Rebates in $ or % Post-Tax
Non-linked Inventory Item Coupon Rebate Discount Functionality Added
G/L Separates Coupons, Rebates, Lottery Pay Outs and Lottery Pay Ins
Allow Previously Printed Items to be Modified Option Setting
Print Separate Kitchen (remote) Tags for Each Item on Order Option Setting
Sales Progress Financial Snap Report Added
Print Batch Inquiry / Settle Amount on Receipt Printer
Modifier / Add-On for Non-Stock Items Sales Screen Button Added
Sales Reports Terminal Security Permission Added
Inventory Importing for Customer Supplied Single Custom Field
Top Sellers Report Added for Auto-Backup Data Files
Change Automatic Discount Price Levels Globally for all Customers
Purge Old Customers by Last Purchase Date
Manufacturer and Family Code Added to Inventory
Automatic Database Close on Windows Shutdown
User Defined Function Buttons Added
Programmable POS Keyboard Functions Added
Coupons Free Hand Entry Added
Coupons for Embedded Price Barcodes Added
Coupons can now use $ or % as a Value
Coupons Redeemed Added to Reports
Coupons Redeemed Detailed Report Added
Coupon Savings Added to Customer Receipts
Rotating 1, 2 or 3 Digit Customer Receipt Order Number
Report Sales By Hour for any Date or Range
Report X-Register by any Date or Range
Report X-Register can be re-generated from Auto-Backup
Item Alias and Cross Reference
Multiple Combo Quantities are now allowed
ECR Mode on all Supported Weight Scales
Integrated Data Backup and Restore On-Demand
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