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Plexis POS Supports a Fully Integrated Pin Pad Credit / EBT terminal or you may use a Stand Alone Non Integrated Terminal to process EBT transactions.

Payment Choices
Plexis Point Of Sale - Accept EBT Payment Choices Screen
Choose EBT / Food Stamp Payment
    EBT Payment
Plexis Point Of Sale - INTEGRATED TERMINAL EBT Payment Screen
EBT / Food Stamp Payment Removes Sales Taxes

Plexis POS supports EBT / Snap / Food Stamp Payment Tenders within any order.

Mix EBT / Snap / Food Stamp items and Non EBT / Snap / Food Stamp items all on the same order.

When EBT / Snap / Food Stamp is selected as a payment type Plexis POS will automatically separate
the EBT / Snap / Food Stamp items and Non EBT / Snap / Food Stamp items from the order, remove applicable taxes
and apply the appropriate payment amount to the transaction.

EBT Features Include:

Real Time live balance of EBT card benefits.

Easy Pullout of individual EBT Items should the customer lack the Benefit funds to complete the order.

Easy voids of Non EBT / Snap / Food Stamp items.

Pullouts and Voids of Items handled with or without product rescan.

Split Tenders for all payment types are Supported.

Reporting in the Sales Register, X & XX Register will reflect the EBT / Snap / Food Stamp payments.

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