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Activation Instructions (STEP-by-STEP):
1. Be SURE to download and install the latest demo software program otherwise the activation keys will not work.
2. Start the program, Log into ANY Terminal ID and then go to Help, Activate and Register Now.
3. Write down the Your Computer ID and Version Number listed at the top in black with a yellow background.
4. Visit our Web Site  http://PlexisPOS.com and click "Contact Us" on the top Menu Bar, then choose "Activate Your Software".
5. Fill out the Activation form and we will return your Activation Key to you during our normal business hours. DO NOT provide a Computer ID from your TEST computer, OFFICE computer or any OTHER computer than the machine to be used in your production environment.
6. Be CAREFUL when entering the email address, mis-typing the address will prevent you from obtaining your activation key.
7. Check your email spam folder if you do not have your activation key within a few hours or re-submit your request using a DIFFERENT email address.
ALL information MUST be provided. If you omit ANY information we will not be able to Activate or Register your software and this will delay your use of the un-restricted version. During normal business hours you should receive the activation key within a few hours, please be patient. Responses are sent during our regular business hours, please be aware of your time zone when making Activation requests. Requests outside normal business hours responses will be provided on the next business day.
Activation Policy:
A. Activations are to be completed on your business computer.
B. The Activation codes we provide will NOT work on any other computer.
C. You do NOT need an Internet connection to your production computer.
D. No refunds on software after you are given the activation key.

* Do not submit an Activation request unless you agree to these terms.
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Plexis Point of Sale Software
Call 1-302-727-0333

12:00noon to 8:00pm Weekdays Eastern Time

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