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Plexis Point of Sale Software
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11:00am to 7:00pm Monday - Friday, Eastern Time
On-Line Software Activation Request
Responses are sent during our regular business hours
Activations can NOT be completed or requested by Telephone
1. First purchase your software by clicking  * HERE * and WAIT for us to send you your Software Serial Number.
2. Download and Install the most current version on to your final production computer PRIOR to submitting your activation request.
3. Start the program, Log into ANY TERMINAL ID and then go to Help, Activate and Register Now.
4. Fill in the form using your Computer ID and Version Number listed at the top in black with a yellow background.
5. DO NOT submit your Computer ID from a TEST computer, these are ONE USE KEYS and they will not work on multiple computers.
Your Software Serial Number   Obtain this from your Order Confirmation eMail
Your Software Computer ID   Where is it?
Program Version   Where is it?
eMail address to send your code   Watch for typing errors
Telephone Number
Business Name
Zip Code
You will get your Activation Code by
email during our normal business hours.
This is an On-Line Service only and does not grant you access to our voice support technicians.
You must download, install or Update to our current version on the day you intend to activate Plexis POS.
Activation keys can not be provided for older versions, you must update to our current version.

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