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Basic Receipt Printer Setup:
Plexis POS uses a very easy to configure method for setting up Printers. Using the Windows API system allows for virtually any Windows compatible printer to connect with Plexis POS. Prior to configuring Plexis POS to connect with your receipt printer one must be installed through the standard windows interface. Install the printer using the information provided by the printer manufacturer.

USB Printers:
You must install the USB Drivers from Manufacturer First.

Windows Test Print:
Test your printer by accessing the Windows Control Panel, Printers. Select your printer properties and then Print Test Page. Once you have a valid test page then your printer is properly configured.

Plexis POS Test Print:
The printer can now be tested through the Plexis POS interface. From the Main System Menu choose Utilities, Hardware Diagnostics then Receipt and Remote Printers. Using the pull down list choose the receipt printer name you previously installed through Windows. Press F2 and verify you have had a successful test. Once tested choose Save.

Report (page) Printers:
Your Report (page) printer does not need to be configured within Plexis POS. The POS Program will send reports to the Windows Default printer. If you have a page printer installed go to the Windows Control Panel and under the Printers section set your Page Printer as default. This will not affect where receipts are printed as these are controlled within Plexis POS.

Note :
Plexis Software Systems does not sell or support computer systems, networks POS Peripherals or any other hardware.
We can provide support for our software applications only.
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