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Hardware Interface: Keyboard Wedge, Serial or USB Decoder Output Setup: Enable Track Two or Track One and Track Two Encode data on track two only, all digits, 15 characters maximum.

No Data encoded on Track One
Carriage Return (ASCII 13) at the end of track two

Track 2 Sample Output:
Plexis POS does not integrate with any third party Gift Card processors or stand alone gift card terminals. Plexis POS does not support Multi-Store or Multi-Location Gift Card Transactions. The Gift Card option is offered as a convenience for single store business enterprises. For example: You can not sell a gift card in store #1 and use it in store #2. If your business requires multi-location gift card processing a stand alone transaction terminal will need to be installed to process gift cards much like a stand alone credit card machine. Some credit card machines will support both gift cards and credit cards. Contact your credit card merchant provider for more details.

Note :
Plexis Software Systems does not sell or support computer systems, networks POS Peripherals or any other hardware.
We can provide support for our software applications only.
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