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The following product versions have reached end of life and are no longer supported
Product Version Initial Release Date Replacement Date Fully Supported Until Support Life Cycle
Plexis POS v2.9
Plexis POS v2.8
Plexis POS v2.7
Plexis POS v2.6
October 2006
October 2000
October 1995
October 1992
August 2014
August 2006
August 2000
August 1995
October 2016
October 2010
October 2002
October 1997
10 Years
8 Years
7 Years
5 Years

These versions were discontinued in part because:
1. Enhancements to our Products.
2. Windows Operating System Changes.
3. Government Regulatory Requirements.
In case of difficulty please consider these options:
1. Restore your system from a known good backup.
2. Upgrade to our current product version.
3. View Our Product Lifecycle Policy (click here)

Please consider upgrading to our CURRENT version so that you may
continue to receive our support services and product updates.

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